Turkey Holidays

Holidays to Turkey : Travel Tips

Following some Turkey holiday tips, which are mentioned below will help you to have a safe and happy holiday vacation:

How to Find A Good Restaurant Or Hotel In Turkey:

Turkey is also famous for delicious food. As there are many well-known hotels and restaurants in Turkey, you do not have to worry about the food. No matter what type of food cuisine you are looking for you will be able to find all types of restaurants and hotels in Turkey. The dinner is the main meal of the day in Turkey. There are many expensive as well as cheap restaurants and hotels in this place. If you are a party animal, Turkey bars and Pubs will give you an unforgettable experience. You can also find many discotheques as well as pubs in Turkey. There are many bar attached family restaurants in this place. Turkey is also a best place for the smokers and you will not be able to find any no-smoking areas in Turkey.
turkey holidays

There are many beautiful holiday destinations in Turkey. Kemer, which is a seaside town, Marmaris, which is an amazing stretch of the coastline, Olu Deniz, a beautiful beach are some of the well-known tourist destination, which you can visit in Turkey. If you are planning to spend your summer, Turkey will be an ideal destination for you.
If you are planning for a budget Turkey Holiday trip with your family, it is advisable to opt for a holiday package. There are many traveling agencies, which are providing many great package deals for the people. Once you take a package from these agencies, they will take care of your accommodation, traveling, food etc. However, before you select a package deal, it is vise to research on the internet to find a best one. As more and more travel during the summer, there are many tourism agencies and consultants that are providing great discounts and offers on the holiday packages they provide.

Therefore, considering these Turkey holiday tips will help you to enjoy maximum during your holiday. If you are looking for more information on the Turkey holidays, researching on the internet will be the best option for you.

Hidden Turkey Holiday Gems

Turkey is like a treasure chest of hidden gems as far as food is concerned. The tastes and flavours emanate all around the country.

If its BBQ you are looking for then look no further than Kaya Koy (Ghost Town). First a little about the Village. Built in the 1700s the town on the hillside was a Greek village and home to as many as 20,000 Greek residents. After the fall out of World War 1 hundreds and thousands of Greeks fled Turkey to avoid conflict leaving everything behind. Hence the name ghost town

What stands now is a modern ruin the perfect back drop to one of the best places to enjoy good food and drink. The place in question is Cin Bal. A unique experience where you order your meat by the kilo, a bbq is barrowed to your area and you can feast until your stomach is content. Set in a lovely wooded area, the staff are courteous and nothing is too much trouble.

Next we travel to Fethiye an extremely picturesque seaside town where we have the Fish Market a great experience for fish lovers or anyone who just loves to soak up the atmosphere as other foods are on offer too.

At the fish market you can look, buy and eat all at the same place. There is a central “counter” where fresh fish, crab, prawns, lobster and any other catch of the day will be displayed. You simply buy your fish and take it to your chosen restaurant for them to cook. Alternatively if you don’t want to chose your fish the restaurant will do this for you. Once seated why not try the local tipple that accompanies fish in Turkey, a delicious aniseed drink called RAKI though be warned it has a mighty kick and should be drunk responsibly to avoid an almighty hangover. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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