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Holiday in Turkey : Turkish Bath Experience

The Turkish Bath or Hamam is a paradise of water and steam, an experience that any visitor to Turkey should try. I recommend it is the first place you visit when coming to Turkey for two reasons. Firstly you will start your holiday relaxed. Secondly it will give you a fantastic base for your tan, once all of your dead skin is removed. Just imagine how disappointed you would be if you spend two weeks perfecting that tan to have it all rubbed off at the end of your holiday!


Here is what to expect! Most of the Turkish bath masseurs are male. Before you enter the Hamam and if you prefer a woman to do the pummelling then simply ask. It is also important to know that there is no mixing of sexes within the Hamam.

You will start in the “relaxation room” this is heated by a constant flow of hot dry air, the idea is to make you sweat (or perspire if you are a lady) opening your pores allowing all the impurities to leave your body.

Next seems a little cruel but I am told is a very important part of the experience. Your body will now be hot and cold water is poured over you from head to foot. Try and not howl or run away, they only chase you. Once you have recovered from this it is time to lay supine on a large heated stone to be soaped within an inch of your life. Whilst being soaped you will receive a deep massage. If you have any problem areas or want a gentle massage just say. Though I am not sure if gentle is in their vocabulary.

Finally you will be lead to the relaxation room where you can sit, drink ice cool water and appreciate the feeling of complete relaxation. Perfect, I guarantee that for the next few days you will feel amazing. Soft glowing skin and relaxation like never before.

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